Taylor Swift sued for not returning money for cancelled concert

By Robert Kirchgassner ,

Music star Taylor Swift was reportedly sued Tuesday over a cancelled August 2012 concert in Canada.

US Magazine reported that she received over $2 million to appear at Capital Hoedown’s music festival in Ottawa, yet did not return the money once the concert was cancelled by organizers, due to zoning problems and high costs. This led to Evo Merchant Services refunding nearly $2 million in tickets. Evo, a New York credit card company, subsequently filed suit against ticketing company FIRE USA Inc. in August for the loss in money.

According to Ottawa Citizen, tickets were sold in Nov. 2011.

Swift, 22, was sued by FIRE, which also claimed that she did not reschedule the concert, which they classify as a breach of contract.

But TMZ reported that spokespeople for Swift say she never made such a deal with FIRE and has yet to see the suit.

Swift was previously sued in 2010 by her former manager, Dan Dymtrow, who claimed that she owed him money for discovering her, as The Hollywood Reporter noted.



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