Television ratings down on Valentine’s night, ‘Community’ takes big hit

By Christopher Rosa,

Valentine’s evening is notorious for bringing down television ratings. This year was no exception with overall ratings down about 6 percent. However, a seasonal dip still does not explain NBC’s Community’s disastrous viewership.

According to EW.com , the comedy, starring Joel McHale, took in 2.7 million viewers and had a 1.1 rating on Thursday night. This made the show rank #12 in prime time. This is rather unfortunate, because the television show has the coveted 8 p.m. timeslot on NBC, which once held shows like Friends and Will & Grace. The rating was down 42 percent from last week’s broadcast, making it the least viewed episode in Community history.

So what is going here? Surely a 42-percent-drop in ratings cannot be written off as a seasonal fluke.

EW also reported in February a poll where viewers said they thought the show had gotten less funny over the course of this season. Insiders speculate this has something to do with Dan Harmon’s departure. Either way, Community is not fairing well with competition like American Idol and Big Bang Theory in the same slot on competing stations.

Want to see for yourself? Tune into Community Thursdays at 8 p.m. on NBC.



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