Texas man was arraigned on capital murder charges of former Navy SEAL

By Alexi Knock,

The Texas man accused of killing former Navy SEAL and author of American Sniper Chris Kyle was arraigned on two counts of capital murder on Sunday.

Eddie Ray Routh, a former marine, was accused of shooting down the military sniper and his neighbor Chad Littlefield on Saturday at Rough Creek Lodge shooting range near Fort Worth, Texas.

Texas Department of Public Safety spokesperson Sergeant Lonny Haschel told Yahoo News, “They were shot at close range.”

Kyle, who killed 160 people during his 10-year service as a U.S. Navy SEAL, was a volunteer in a program that mentored veterans like Routh who suffered from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. As part of the program, Kyle took Routh to the shooting range.

Routh was arrested in his Lancaster, Texas home several hours after the shooting.

Scott McEwen, who co-authored the book with Kyle, told Reuters, “It just comes as a shock and it's staggering to think that after all Chris has been through, that this is how he meets his end, because there are so many ways he could have been killed.”



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