Texas teen wins abortion case against her parents

By Deana DeLisio,

A 16 year old Texas teen has won the right to keep her unborn child despite claims that her parents were forcing her to have an abortion.

Fox News reports that the teen, who is identified as R.E.K., is granted permission by the courts to carry her child without receiving any sort of physical threat by her parents or psychological coercion.

The parents also agreed to pay half of their daughter’s health insurance, let her use her car and pay her cell phone bill.

According to the Chron.com, the teen’s parents threatened to “make her life miserable,” and after weeks of arguing, the girl decided to sue her parents.

“Emotionally and stressful it’s been tough,” said Evan Madison, the teen’s 16 year old boyfriend, “We’ve had fights and arguments over all of this and what will happen next because her parents are very unpredictable.”

Stephen Casey and other attorneys with the Texas Center for the Defense of Life had represented the teenager.

“She wanted to have this child without coercion and she got that,” said Casey, “We’re glad that our client recognized that her unborn child had a right to live, and she wanted to protect that.”

The two teens plan on getting married soon.



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