Thieves steal $2 million worth of jewels from Jacob & Co. in Manhattan's Four Seasons Hotel

By Deana DeLisio,

Early Sunday morning, thieves stole two million dollars worth of jewelry from a case in Jacob & Co. , which resides in the lobby of New York City’s Four Seasons Hotel.

The three thieves took three watches, a necklace, earrings, rings, cuff links and pendants, reported The New York Post.

Gawker.com revealed that while the getaway car waited in front, two men went up to the case, right in the middle of the lobby, broke through the glass, and made out like bandits.

Minutes before, the thieves had engaged a hotel employee in conversation about the Jacob & Co. case while they hid a sledgehammer.

Odds were in favor of the trio as the hotel has been noted by the Post as having a good amount of cameras in their lobby that don’t seem to work very well.

Jacob & Co. owner Jacob Arabo is responsible for designing jewelry for superstars such as Madonna and P. Diddy. However, because Arabo was affiliated with a cocaine-smuggling, money-laundering ring in 2008, he served a two-year sentence.



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