Top 10 Best Moments of Former NYC Mayor Ed Koch

By Daniela Duron,

Former NYC Mayor Ed Koch, who was known for his larger than life personality and greeting the public with his famous "How'm I doing?," has died of congestive heart failure at 88. Here are some of his best moments:

10. Koch was the first mayor to host Saturday Night Live. Here, he talks about his experience hosting the show. He says, “I was on Saturday Night Live when I was mayor, and I was pretty good.”

9. Koch’s blunt personality was perfect for The People’s Court, where he served as a judge from 1997-1999.

8. He had a web series titled "A Mayor Koch Review" where he gave his thoughts on various movies. Here, he calls Bridesmaids a “very raunchy movie. It’s too gross.” He does add that, “Aside from the raunchiness, you’ll have a good time.”

7. When talking about graffiti on NYC Subways, he says he first suggested using dogs to keep graffiti writers away. When they told him that would be too violent, he then suggested bringing in wild wolves instead.

6. Two main things Koch was known for were not liking criticism and loving his city. Here he says about responding to criticism, “I fought back. New York City and myself, we’re not punching bags. You hit us, we hit you back.” He also adds about NYC, “There’s nowhere in the world where I would have felt as comfortable as I have felt in 87 years.”

5. After former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer's controversy involving an escort service, Koch explains why he no longer endorsed him. “I believe Elliot Spitzer, if he didn’t have a screw loose, some would say several screws, that he would have made a remarkable governor.”

4. NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg decided to rename the 59th Street Bridge (Koch’s congressional district when he served five terms as congressman) to the Ed Koch Queensboro Bridge. He says the bridge has “no extraordinary sightlines … It’s a workhorse bridge, just like me. So I thought it was a perfect fit.”

3. In this interview, Koch talks about his career. The interviewer asks him why he is still interested in politics after retiring, and Koch answers with a laugh, saying, “First of all, I'm not retired. I'm a partner in a law firm ... I have a radio show, I have a television show. But more important than that, my whole life was directed by being involved in government.”

2. This interview explains how New York City was crumbling in the late 1970s. When Koch came in, he not only fixed the city financially, but ultimately changed the city altogether because he was exactly what the city needed. He says here that “the secret of [being mayor], is to enjoy it.”

1. This documentary, titled Koch, captures the mayor's life and coincidentally opens in theaters today, Feb. 1, the day of his death. The documentary shows how Koch changed the city of New York and served as a symbol for the city. Koch says, “You have to get the attention of the public. You have to get them to follow you. And you can only do that by being bigger than life.”



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