Top 10 Creative Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

By Amanda Thambounaris,
From in and out of the home, here are some entertaining ideas that won’t break the bank

Stressed about what to do tonight for Valentine’s Day? After the rough year we had, it’s safe to say that most people are trying hard to save rather than spend. Valentine’s Day is supposed to be a celebration of the love people have for one another. So for today, forget the expensive restaurants and gifts, and treat your valentine to an evening of relaxation and romance. Need some last-minute convincing? Here are our top 10 creative ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

10. Night of Dancing

Whether you decide to stay in or hit up a salsa club, Mamas Latinas suggests that making a mix of your own favorite dance songs and spending the night dancing is a great way to get close to one another. Plus, according to BET, you can search for free dance classes in your area and learn some new moves to use at your next night out.

9. Take a Class Together

According to Mamas Latinas, there are many activities that you can share with your significant other. If you happen to be an artsy couple, you can try to take a pottery or painting class. If you're wine lovers, you can take a wine-tasting or wine-making class, or even attend a sushi-making class if you're food lovers. The possibilities are endless!

8. Love Letters

Sometimes it’s the little things from the heart that count. BET recommends writing your loved one a deep love letter or a note describing one thing you adore about him/her or a special memory you've shared. And by writing we mean using an actual pen and paper!

7. Friendly Competition

This idea is for all of the athletic couples out there who want to burn some calories on Valentine’s Day. According to Mamas Latinas, if you're both runners, you should think about competing against each other in a race. It will help you get a good workout, and the loser has to shower with the winner (it’s a win-win situation). On the other hand, if you’re the type of couple that are not sports fanatics, then a good option could be bowling or playing games at an arcade.

6. Valentine’s Day Party

If you and your loved one have been together for a very long time, maybe you want to spice it up with some of your close group of couple friends and throw a Valentine’s Day party. If you've been together long enough to have a solid group of couple friends, why not get the gang together for a Valentine's party. Mamas Latinas states that research shows when you're exposed to other happy couples, it improves your own relationship.

5. Game Night

Huffington Post cited an article written by HowAboutWe.com, which suggests a very innovative twist to the traditional ‘game night.’ You can choose your own adventure from Monopoly to Risk to Truth or Dare, but what about White Russian Roulette? This game involves picking a bottle of your favorite liquor, plus a few appealing cocktail ingredients you don’t normally use, and line them up on your kitchen table. Then fire up CocktailBuilder.com, and take turns playing mixologist!

4. A Night Out

BET says it best- you don’t need to go out for a fancy meal just because it’s Valentine’s Day. You can have a romantic dinner at home, then plan to take a romantic walk around the city. As a bonus, download a constellation app on your smartphone and go stargazing!

3. Movie Night

If you are the type of couple that doesn’t feel like going out, and just wants some quiet, quality time at home together, then stock your night full of romantic classics and your favorite bottle of wine. Plus, Mamas Latinas has a good idea-- laugh together as you watch the movie you saw on your first date (if you can remember it)!

2. Cooking Together

According to Mamas Latinas, one of the best ways to bond with your significant other is to cook together. Choose a recipe you both want to make, or challenge yourselves and try something new, followed with dessert. You'll get a romantic night together, plus a cheaper meal!

1. Spa Day- Couple's Massage

There’s nothing like a day of relaxation and pampering for you and your loved one after a hard day at work or taking care of the kids all day. Mamas Latinas suggests booking a couples package at the spa where you can both get massages and they can set the romantic mood for you. Or, BET has a cheaper, more intimate option—buy sensual oils, turn on some calming music and light the candles as you give each other sensual massages.

Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone!



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