Top 10 #ExpressYourself images retweeted by Diplo

By Meghan Giannotta,

Diplo has certainly been busy retweeting attractive Twitter users who tweet at him with the hashtag ‘Expressyourself.’ When females tweet at Dj Diplo, images of them with their backside up toward the camera, Diplo retweets, sending their image nearly viral. While one Twitter user, Carly McKinney has gotten herself into some trouble for her recent tweets at Diplo, most users are still enjoying #ExpressYourself. Here’s a look at the top ten #Expressyourself images that Diplo has recently retweeted.

10. Twitter user, @itsalexfoos tweeted at Diplo today showing off the signature #ExpressYourself move with only one hand – because her other hand was in a sling.

9. On February 1, Diplo retweeted a photo sent to him by @TaylorLowe95. Seven girls on her hockey team showed off their ‘twerk’ in one picture.

8. Four friends showed off their muscles when tweeting at Diplo a photo of them doing their handstands under a ‘Sun Dance Saloon’ sign. Diplo retweeted user, @HunterJaxxon on February first.

7. @Jckeymark tweeted at Diplo on January 29, showing that Miami women do it best.

6. On January 28, @mandaevelynrose was trying to get her homework done when she got distracted by the many ways she could show off her #ExpressYourself moves.

5. ‘Twerking’ in a classroom? Twitter user @samiambrose sent Diplo a photo of herself in what seems to be a school classroom.

4. Twitter user @colleenmcandrew and friend, took after Carly McKinney’s take on the #ExpressYourself handstand, posing topless and in undergarments.

3. @Aenimage showed Diplo that once you start ‘twerking’ it’s very hard to stop. The user tweeted a montage of three pictures of herself at Diplo.

2. This group of friends surely knows how to express themselves. @nmagniccari tweeted a photo at Diplo on January 27, on the ‘Twerk Wall.’

1. @girlDIRTY tweeted a photo of her and her mother showing off their #ExpressYourself style in what appears to be a locker room.



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