Top 10 Films by an Oscar Nominee: Bradley Cooper

By Briana Luca,

With the Oscars coming faster than you think, it’s time to start deliberating about the nominees.

Silver Linings Playbook scored major nominations including Best Lead and Supporting Actress, Best Lead and Supporting Actor, and Best Picture.

The Best Lead Actor nominee Bradley Cooper has been around the block once or twice, so as he prepares for Oscar night, let’s look back on his best pictures.

10. Failure to Launch

Cooper plays off of Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew McConaughey as Demo, McConaughey’s best single guy friend.

9. He’s Just Not that Into You

Bradley is part of this ensemble cast as Ben, a character who we can’t really hate even though he cannot resist cheating on his wife.

8. The A Team

In an Iraqi War veteran movie, Cooper plays Face who goes on a journey to clear his name along with other veterans for a crime they didn’t commit.

7. Limitless

In a leading role in this action thriller, Bradley Cooper stuns as Eddie Morra who experiments with a drug that gives him the ability to use 100 percent of his mind.

6. The Words

In what I thought was an amazing idea for a film, The Words shows Cooper as a writer with a bad case of writers block and decides to use a manuscript he finds in his apartment as his own.

5. Yes Man

As Jim Carrey’s sidekick, Cooper’s character Peter helps Carrey learn to say yes to more things in a hilarious, classic comedy.

4. The Hangover Part II

Returning to the role that made him a household name, Phil and the wolfpack are in Thailand for Stu’s wedding and Cooper’s comedic chops are on display once again.

3. Wedding Crashers

In the classic comedy, Bradley Cooper plays the uptight Sack Lodge, Rachel McAdam’s boyfriend in the film. This is such a classic role that made Cooper a comedy name before The Hangover.

2. The Hangover

Phil is the character that put Bradley Cooper on the Hollywood map and changed his life, and the way we look at, Vegas, forever.

1. Silver Linings Playbook

This is the role that is making Hollywood notice Cooper’s true acting ability. It got him the Oscar nod and classified him as not just a comedy actor, but a true talent.



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