Top 10 gifts not to get your significant other for Valentine's Day - Part 1

By Marissa Pessolano,

Valentine's Day is coming up, and you may be wondering what gift you should get your significant other. Here is a list of some gifts that you may want to avoid.

10. Small appliances
All the apps you need in the morning. on Twitpic
Don’t buy her a toaster, a coffee machine, and definitely not a vacuum. Buying something practical for Valentine’s Day isn’t the way to go. This type of gift is more roommate-like and less romantic.

9. A Teddy Bear
 Nih Yang sukaaaa Boneka #TeddyBear Lucuunyaaaaa Yuks Yang su... on Twitpic
Your girl probably has plenty of stuffed animals from her childhood or past Valentine’s Days. She probably doesn’t want or need anymore. It is also likely that your guy doesn’t want to receive a stuffed animal either, no matter how cute you think it is.

8. Last year’s gift
Finally! My first Present! Want it? :P #b3d #Gift (without cy... on Twitpic
Even if it was a big success last year (or you thought it was), it doesn’t mean you should repeat the gift, or something similar the next year. It won’t be as exciting or creative the second time around.

7. Socks
found a bunch of these LOL #nike #socks on Twitpic
Women often buy their guy socks, but this probably isn’t the best idea for Valentine’s Day. Socks are more like a casual "just because" gift. Even if he needs them, they don’t really say "romance."





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