Top 10 ‘Harlem Shake’ Videos

By Daniel S Levine,

The “Harlem Shake” is the latest craze to take over the Internet, with millions of people either watching the videos or creating their own. The videos have propelled Baauer’s track to the top of the iTunes chart.

As we reported last week, the name “Harlem Shake” originally referred to a 1980s dance craze, but in 2013, Baauer’s track has become the new “Harlem Shake.”

“It’s gotten absolutely insane,” the 23-year-old Baauer told The Daily Beast. “All I did was make the song so it’s kind of a weird place for me to be at. I birthed it, it was raised by others, and now it’s like my weird, f**ked up adopted teenage kid coming back to me.”

Here’s the Top 10 “Harlem Shake” videos out now:

10. Hockey Edition:
This version was created by a high school team in New York. According to Yahoo, they had to forfeit the first game in a playoff series because of it.

9. Today Show Edition:
Perhaps in its latest attempt to rescue its ratings fall, Today took a crack at it:

8. Office Edition:
Check out the guy punching the giraffe.

7. Star Wars:
Those old figures from the ‘70s and ‘80s are still good for something.

6. Underwater:
This is the underwater version that’s gone viral.

5. Army Edition:
It’s even reached Norway!

4. SI: Swimsuit Edition:
The Sports Illustrated swimsuit models have been everywhere since the magazine was released. While in Las Vegas, they did this:

3. The Daily Show’s Ani-Harlem Shake:

2. The Colbert Report:
Stephen Colbert brought his audience in:

1. Original:
YouTube user DizastaMusic claims that this is the original video. Obviously the meme has evolved, but this one is still pretty ridiculous.



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