Top 10 Life Lessons from ‘How I Met Your Mother’ - Part 2

By Sarah McClanahan,


6) Break-ups suck. But you will get over them with time, and move on to someone else.

No one likes rejection. Despite being in a vulnerable place, everyone handles a break-up differently. There is no telling when you will recover and be in the mindset to return to the dating scene. Your friends may want to help, but you need to take the time to find yourself. Eventually, you will stop focusing on what could have been and begin focusing on all of the possibilities out there for you. Marshall was devastated for the entire summer when Lily broke up with him to follow her artistic dreams in San Francisco, but he finally returned to his normal self. One morning, Ted found him making pancakes rather than sulking on the couch.

5) Do “The Front Porch Test” with any serious relationship partners.

While this test is quite specific, the main concept to be taken away is do not date someone who does not get along with your friends. Friends will always be there for you, especially during heated fights and break-ups. If you cannot see your partner fitting into your group of friends decades down the line, they are not the right one for you. Lily sabotaged Ted’s previous relationships because all of his girlfriends failed “The Front Porch Test,” especially the obnoxious vegan Karen.

4) Don’t be left on the hook.

“I’m really into you. I just can’t be with you right now.” If someone you like says this to you, get out as fast as you possibly can. This person doesn’t want to be with you, but they lead you on by adding the 'right now’ at the end of their rejection to give you false hope. If the person you like is in a relationship or is emotionally unavailable, move on to someone who wants to be committed to you rather than play games. Ted eventually realized the girl he was pursuing, Tiffany, had him “hooked” under the pretense of a future relationship even though she was still in love with another man.




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