Top 10 most-unique pancake shapes

By Gavriella Tjandra,

In celebration of the National Pancake Week (February 10-February 16), let's see top ten most-unique pancake shapes.

I promise, you will want to try these after reading this post!

10. Let's start off with normal, round-shaped pancakes.

9. Now, warm up with a turtle-shaped pancakes.

8. Let's now see pancakes in the shape of bacon and eggs.

7. Flower pancakes. Wow.

6. Okay, you almost make it halfway. Here is a mouse-shaped pancake.

5. Look, a giraffe!

Let's have our minds blown with these 3D pancakes.

4. This sushi roll-shaped pancakes are multifunctional. You can have Japanese and pancakes for your breakfast.

3. Millennium Falcon

2. The Golden Gate Bridge

1. AT-AT-shaped pancakes!

I hope your mind is blown by now.

P.S. The last 9 videos were made by the same person.



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