Top 10 movies to beat the winter blues

By Christopher Rosa,

Many consider January and February to be most depressing times of the year. The holidays are long over and it is past the time where it's socially acceptable to keep your tree up. The weather is colder than ever, and it keeps many of us confined indoors with nothing but junk food and social media to lift our spirits.

However, we want to help you get out of this slush-and-snow slump! What better way to cure a case of the blues than popping some corn and kicking back with a movie? Here are some particular movies that are aimed to cure depressed feelings.

10. Mean Girls
This is the ultimate mood-lifter. The Tina Fey and Lindsay Lohan classic will take you back to 2004 with so many quotable quotes.

9. My Cousin Vinny
The 1992 movie came out right around the time most of us were born. However, this fast-talking, New York laugh-out-loud comedy is worth the time travel.

8. Chicago
One of several musicals to win Best Picture, this dazzling, dramatic and sexy musical will have you doing chair dances in the living room.

7. The Sixth Sense
Good movies are mood-lifters, and this one is just good. A spellbinding horror film starring the still-sexy Bruce Willis, and the ending will leave you breathless.

6. The Breakfast Club
Considered by many film historians to be the best high school movie of all time, the Molly Ringwald trademark tells the story of five teens that become unlikely friends.

5. It’s A Wonderful Life
A Christmas movie to cure Christmas blues? You bet! Sometimes indulging in the source of your sadness can help cure it. Wonderful is also an incredible movie on all levels and one that must be seen.

4. Valentine’s Day
With eye candy of both genders and a heartfelt message, it’s the perfect sweetener.

3. As Good As It Gets
This Jack Nicholson film was made in the mid-90s and earned Nicholson an Oscar. He plays a crabby writer that takes in his neighbor’s puppy after an injury. It’s warm, witty and just good.

2. Breakfast At Tiffany’s
Audrey Hepburn. Need we say more?

1. Anchorman
For pure laughs, indulge in this timeless Will Ferrell film. Like Mean Girls, its quotes are plenty and humor abundant. Nothing cures the blues like the laughs.

Old and new, these films never fail and do the trick. So pop one of these in your DVD player (Or Netflix account), and watch that frown turn upside down!



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