Top 10 'Pretty Little Liars' Moments: Season 3, Episode 20 'Hot Water'

By Kristin Ambrosino,

Well this was a steamy episode! Literally. In this week’s Pretty Little Liars (Season 3, Episode 20: “Hot Water”), Melissa Hastings seems to have some photography skills, Wrencer is at it again, and Hanna’s mom does what we’ve all wanted to do for a while - she runs Detective Wilden down with her car.

10. Looks like Ezria is kinda-sorta back to normal. Is Aria ever going to tell Ezra about her kiss with Wes? But, bigger news, is Maggie going to be moving in with Ezra? She better not be moving in on Ezria!

9. How did Melissa remember Wren's cologne when Spencer walked by? Their relationship was so long ago. She was definitely spying on Wrencer. Does this mean she is on the "A" team? Then she calls Wren "bad company." Hmm. Interesting.

8. Cat's out of the bag - Paige and Shana used to mack it. Poor Em! How awkward was that Halloween shop encounter? Paige has been sketchy. Why didn't she tell Em about Shana before their little Halloween store run in?

7. Aria saves Spencer's life when "A" aka Toby (we think, or is it Melissa) tries to suffocate Spence for putting Wrencer back on the radar. Is Toby jealous that it isn't him who gets to lock lips with Spence anymore? Is Melissa jealous since Wren is her ex? Why didn't Melissa hear Spencer's screams? Toby and Melissa are definitely up to no good - and probably together.

6. Wren and Spencer kiss! No more sweatpants and raggedy hair for Spence! YAY.

5. Spencer gets a glimpse of Little Miss Red Coat. Where did she disappear to? Spence is an athlete. There is no way this red gal outran her.

4. Em used her sly ways to obtain some information at the Halloween store and then sent Caleb the transaction info about who bought the Queen of Hearts costume. Let's get hackin! You go detective Em!

3. As if Em wasn't on a roll enough, she managed to get CeCe to spill the beans that Melissa Hastings was the one who snapped the pic of Wilden, Ali, and CeCe on their little boat ride. Melissa is up to no good, as per usual.

2. Ms. Marin wants answers! Well, looks like Wilden noticed that Hanna might rat him out. He is so creepy to follow Hanna's mom and then threaten her. Not cool! Well, Mrs. Marin wasn't having it. She runs down Detective Wilden. Looks like she wasn't going to waste anymore time being threatened by him.

1. Detective Wilden's possible death. Is he dead? Where did he go at the end of the episode? Looks like "A" got to him first before Hanna and her mom could. They should rewind that police footage and see what happened.



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