Top 10 Questions for ‘The Amazing Race’ — February 17, 2013

By Glenda Staten,

Do you enjoy the competition on The Amazing Race? When I watch the show, I always try to figure out what will happen next. Please share your thoughts with us after you watch the clips below.

Clip #1

In this clip, Caroline and Jennifer plan to become friends with the hockey players because they need help building their tent.

1. Will Caroline and Jennifer be in the race long enough to ask the hockey players for help with their tent?

2. Do you think Caroline and Jennifer have a good strategy?

3. Will Caroline and Jennifer’s strategy work?

Clip # 2

In this clip, Jessica, John, Idries and Jamil arrive at the location of the first task. They have to find their clue under the sandcastles. If the clue is not under the sandcastle, they have to rebuild it. Also, the team that comes in first place gets two express passes. They will keep one express pass and they will give the second express pass to another team before the fourth leg of the race. This task does not look easy. I don’t know who will get the second express pass.

4. Do you know who finished first?

5. Who do you think will get the second express pass?

6. Who would you give the second express pass to?

Clip #3

In this clip which is actually a deleted scene, Wynona gets hurt before the race starts. I wonder how far they will go in the race. I do not think Chuck’s reaction was justified even though I understand his passion. I am happy that Wynona started the race.

7. Did you think Wynona would start the race?

8. Do you think Wynona and Chuck will continue to support each other in the race?

9. Do you think Chuck’s reaction was justified?

10. Who do you consider the strongest team in the race so far?

Image credit: CBS



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