Top 10 Questions for ‘The Amazing Race’—February 24, 2013

By Glenda Staten,

Do you enjoy the competition on The Amazing Race ? When I watch the show, I always try to figure out what will happen next. Please share your thoughts with us after you watch the clips below.

Clip #1

In this clip, John and Jessica discuss why it’s important to be quiet about the alliance that they made with the other teams regarding the express pass. They have until the 4th leg of the race to give the express pass to another team. I do not agree with their explanation regarding the pass, and I have no idea who they will give the pass to. I would not be surprised if the second express pass comes up later in the race.

1. Do you agree with John and Jessica’s explanation regarding the express pass?

2. Do you think ego and power play a role in John and Jessica’s way of thinking?

3. Which team do you think John and Jessica will give the express pass to?

4. When do you think John and Jessica will give the express pass to the team of their choice?

5. Do you think the way that John and Jessica handled the second express pass will come back to haunt them later in the race?

Clip # 2

In this clip, Katie explains why she thought Max should complete the task involving the stilts. I think Katie should have completed the task, and I do not think this way of thinking will continue to be effective during the race.

6. Do you agree with Katie’s way of thinking about the task?

7. Do you think Katie’s way of thinking will be helpful as they go forward in the race?

8. Do you think Max should agree with Katie’s way of thinking?

9. Do you think the person who has a better chance of completing the
task should complete the task if the opportunity presents itself?

10. Do you think Katie and Max are working well as a team?

image credit: CBS



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