Top 10 Questions for 'Revenge'--February 10, 2013

By Glenda Staten,

Do you try to figure out what will happen next on Revenge? I do it all the time. Here are the top 10 questions for Revenge February 10, 2013. Do you think you can figure out what will happen next? Watch the clips and share your thoughts with us. As always, have fun!

Clip #1

In this clip, Jack and Amanda are getting married. I wasn’t sure if Jack and Amanda would actually get married until I saw the entire scene. I enjoyed the wedding, but I felt sad because I know that Emily will always love Jack. The wedding was really beautiful, but I’m not sure if it will last because Jack does not know who he married.

1. Did you think Jack and Amanda would actually get married?

2. Are you happy that Jack and Amanda got married?

3. Were you expecting such a small, intimate wedding?

4 How long do you think the marriage will last?

5. Will Emily ever get over losing Jack to Amanda?

6. Did you enjoy the wedding scene?

Clip # 2
In this clip, Victoria shoots Helen. Daniel and Conrad find out that Helen has been shot. I was so surprised when Victoria shot Helen without hesitation, even though I think Daniel will go along with any decision his parents make regarding this situation even though he does not always support their bad choices. I am not sure if Helen is dead or if she simply passed out after getting shot.

7. Did you have any idea that Victoria would shoot Helen?

8. Do you think Helen is really dead?

9. If Helen is not dead, do you think Victoria, Conrad, and Daniel will kill

10. Will Daniel go along with Victoria and Conrad’s decision regarding
this situation with Helen?

image credit: ABC



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