Top 10 Questions for ‘Revenge’—February 17, 2013

By Glenda Staten,

Do you try to figure out what will happen next on Revenge ? I do it all the time. Here are the top 10 questions for Revenge , February 17, 2013. Do you think you can figure out what will happen next? Watch the clips and share your thoughts with us. As always, have fun!

Clip #1

In this clip, Nate is on the Jack’s boat with a gun, and he is looking for Amanda. Emily shows up just in time to help Amanda. The boat explodes, but Emily and Amanda jump into the water. I had no idea the boat would explode. I think Amanda’s actions help create a chaotic situation that could not possibly end well.

1. Did you expect the boat to explode?

2. Do you think Amanda should have shot Nate more than once?

3. When Amanda was getting ready to jump off of the boat, she went back and got her necklace which was located on the boat, instead of jumping immediately. Do you think that moment of hesitation was a fatal mistake?

4 Do you know who survived the explosion?

5. Amanda took Emily’s laptop to Conrad and threatened him. Did Amanda’s actions create some of the chaos that led to the boat explosion?

Clip # 2

In this clip, Conrad announces that he is running for Governor. I think this will be an ugly campaign, and I would not be surprised if another Grayson family scandal erupts during the campaign.

6. Will Conrad become the Governor?

7. Do you think the Grayson family will put all issues aside during the campaign?

8. How much will Conrad’s past factor into his political aspirations?

9. Will Daniel keep all of the family secrets while his dad is running for office?

10. Do you think a new Grayson family scandal will leak out during Conrad’s campaign?

image credit: ABC



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