Top 10 reasons ‘Power Rangers’ ruled the world - Part 1

By Alex Ewald,
The 20-year-old series is back with a new season and a new team of Rangers in ‘Megaforce.'

Power Rangers: Mega Force, the 20th season of the children’s action show, premiered Saturday on Nickelodeon. It’s been a long time coming for the Saban series, which first debuted on TV screens way back in 1993 as Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers, adapted from the Japanese Sentai Rangers.

The new series opens with a fight of all the Power Rangers teams ever, and we still have a nerdy Blue Ranger, a hot Pink Ranger, an Alpha 5 and even Ernie’s Juice Bar.

The last scene is my favorite. You know, because nostalgia.

10. “It’s morphin’ time!”
They had the coolest morphing sequences. Because you know you and every other kid in America yelled this out, too. Also, never realized the awkward racism of the first season (Trini was yellow…Zack was black…):

Trini (the yellow ranger) sounds like she’s saying, “Save a cute tiger!” Cannot deal.

On a related note, we got this team-up of all team-ups of Red Rangers in season 10 during Wild Force.

9. The Rangers had two major movies back in their heyday, the alternate universe’s Mighty Morphin: The Movie and Turbo, the multi-parter season premiere.

The best part of the first movie, which had a completely different morphing sequence, uniforms, weapons and zords. And the fight dialogue was 357828-times campier. Beautiful:

8. The Psycho Rangers: Crazy to be reckoned with.
From In Space, Astronema’s evil alien copies of the Space Rangers with freakish super strength, really scared the hell out of us. They returned the next season in Lost Galaxy to finish off the new rangers, and Pink succeeded by destroying Pink Ranger Kendrix. Needless to say, they were the biggest threats to the rangers for a long time.

7. On that note, the villains were wonderful.
Sure, Zordon, the teens’ mentor for the first handful of seasons, was great, but the season villains who faced as much strife as they caused took the series to a whole new dimension of maturity once we got out of Angel Grove High.

Rita Repulsa
#RitaRepulsa ! on Twitpic

Lord Zedd
Ya tenemos candidato para mi profanación de juju de esta noch... on Twitpic

My personal favorites, Duke Orgs Jindrax and Toxica from Wild Force. The two started as thorns in the rangers’ sides as Toxica grew each monster for a megazord fight, but slowly started to realize their boss, Master Org, was an imposter. After going through a brainwash and an upgrade, the two start to realize the error of their ways and overthrow him, but she’s tricked into being used as a human shield against the rangers by new Org General Mandilok. Jindrax is forced to resurrect her. Such drama for one show.

Complex wolf Org Zen-Aku overwhelmed the rangers by easily defeating them and taking their Wild Zords until they realized he too was another Wild Force ranger, Merrick, who was cursed to wear a wolf mask after using it to defeat the original Master Org. The original rangers imprisoned the possessed Merrick until he was freed in modern day to do his lone-wolf thing.





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