Top 10 Reasons to watch 'New Girl'...if you're not already

By Camille Requiestas,

With New Girl in its second season, it has come back stronger than ever and seems to be building its fan base even more.

The characters have grown into people we love and now quote from time to time in daily conversation. The main character, Jessica Day (also known as Jess), has evolved into more than just the innocent and quirky girly-girl that we love. Here is 10 reasons why you should start watching New Girl if you haven’t started already.

10. It has quirky, light-hearted comedy just keeps getting funnier and will brighten your day.

9. It may seem like a show only women would watch, but men love it too! They can relate to the three male roommates, Jess, lives with: Nick, Schmidt, and Winston.

8. The group is full of characters but close knit like a family. They are the group of friends that we fall in love with and secretly wish we had.

7. The Schmidt and Cece love story. Will they end up together again?

6. Hot new guest stars such as Olivia Munn and Brooklyn Decker.

5. The interesting and fun drinking game they play, True American, but this time with a twist, Strip True American. Everyone will want to try it.

4. No day is ordinary with Schmidt and his ridiculous but hilarious way of doing things.

3. The show is relatable following everyday problems of everyday people in a comedic way.

2. We all want to see Jess and Nick get together!

1. Jessica Day, still the adorable, original girl just trying to figure life out and sharing her love for her friends.



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