Top 10 reasons to watch 'Switched at Birth'

By Stephanie Kaplan,
After announcing that the show will air an all ASL episode, we look at the top reasons to watch the hit series.

Switched at Birth is a teen drama that airs on ABC Family. The show, which is in its second season, focuses on the lives of two families whose daughters were switched in the hospital when they were just days old. After the families discover the traumatic switch, the two have to figure out how to cooperate with one another and overcome obstacles together. One of the switched daughters, Daphne, became deaf at age 3, which allows the show to incorporate several scenes dealing with American Sign Language. Besides trying to get to know the family they never had, Daphne and the other daughter, Bay, go through the ups and downs of teenage life, including boyfriends, jobs and of course, new parents.

10. It was ABC Family's highest-rated show debut to date!

9. The cast. The familiar faces on the screen, such as Constance Marie (George Lopez) and High School Musical’s Lucas Grabeel, create a great mix of fresh faces and eager main stars Vanessa Marano and Katie Leclerc.

8. It gives you insight into a different kind of life. With the characters constantly talking about the benefits and disadvantages of not being able to hear, you can see how differently some people live their lives. The mix of hearing and non-hearing characters causes each other to see situations in a different light.

7. The boys! Lucas Grabeel, Austin Butler, Sean Berdy and other cute faces make it easy on the eyes.

WhoSay - Photo from Sean Berdy

6. It forces you to read. With plenty of scenes in subtitles, your mind will get more of a workout than watching an all spoken show.

5. It teaches tolerance and everyone to accept one another. The two girls had an entire other family that they never knew – and their lives were completely opposite to the other’s. Bay, known to be rebellious, has to test the waters with her birth mother while Daphne feels embarrassed of her new family's wealth and generosity.

4. The unique art pieces that main character Bay Kennish creates. With a great eye for art, Bay is constantly working in her studio, most often designing controversial street art paintings. Check out a slideshow of Bay's most creative pieces.

3. The endless and infamous love triangle. While the statuses of the characters’ relationships seem to be constantly changing throughout the show, the epic love triangle of Bay, Emmett and Daphne is one filled with drama and heartbreak.

2. The relatable quality of the show. Knowing there's a show out there that doesn't deal with vampires, magic or rich Manhattan socialites makes us see that our lives aren't boring – they're exactly what everyone else is going through in real life. Failed marriages, school troubles and missed curfews are just some of the things that make Switched at Birth so realistic.

1. You can learn sign language! By far one of the most unique shows on television, all the characters use sign language to communicate throughout the series. While some may have already mastered the signaling, you are able to learn and struggle along with the other hearing characters on picking up ASL.

Switched at Birth airs at 8 p.m. on Mondays, on ABC Family.

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