Top 10 'Star Wars' Characters Who Deserve Solo Films - Part 1

By Daniel S Levine,

Now that Disney chief Bob Iger has confirmed that we will get Star Wars films outside of the main episodes, which center on the Skywalker family, let's take a look at some characters who deserve their own films.

Iger was interviewed by CNBC today and he confirmed that the next three Episodes (VII, VIII and IX) won't be the only films we can look forward to.

10. Knights of the Old Republic - One of the coolest eras in Star Wars history has never even been filmed. These characters have never been seen outside of video games, comics and novels. The Knights of the Old Republic era is set thousands of years before the films and explains the origins of the Jedi, the Sith and the Republic. The storytelling possibilities are endless since a writer and director would be able to play in the world of Star Wars without making a direct impact on the Skywalker family.

9. Greedo - This is the green guy that Han Solo shot in A New Hope. I'm not sure why, but the idea of a movie about a bounty hunter who has bad luck sounds fun.

8. C-3PO & R2-D2 - In the years after Return of the Jedi, C-3PO and R2-D2 starred in the fantastic animated series Droids, which needs to be released on DVD. While Revenge of the Sith effectively wiped all that out of continuity, there's still a chance that Captain Antilles lost them between ROTS and A New Hope.

7. Jabba The Hutt - A movie all about “scum and villainy”? Where do I sign?





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