Top 10 Thoughtful Valentine’s Day Gifts

By May Chan,
No clue what to get your significant other?

In addition to the breakfasts in bed, See’s chocolates, or significant number of red roses, sometimes showing that you just paid attention to your better half makes for a more impressive gift. Here is a list of gifts, ranging from practicality to creativity:

10. Calendar Charting Important Moments in Your Lives
While you can get a calendar at the 99 Cents Only Store, something tells me that printing photos of you two and putting it together are what counts. Plus, for the forgetful boyfriend who never remembers when Valentine’s Day is (even though it falls on the same day every year), writing down the date of your anniversary and birthday saves a lot of trouble.

9. BCBGeneration Watch ($65 from Macy’s)

A watch, like the BCBGeneration Watch, is something that’s timeless. She may be the workaholic who works on the weekends, too, but at least she’ll always know when to call you to meet up for that movie date. The watch comes in taupe, black, and pink.

8. I Love Bacon! Book ($11.35 from Amazon)

Sometimes, a way to a man’s heart is food, and in this case, bacon. Unless he’s vegan or pescetarian, it’s a win-win for you and him. Both of you can try new recipes without running for the hills, and nothing says love like heart-shaped bacon.

7. Build a Mini-Bar

If you live together, a resourceful gift would be something that benefits the both of you, and what’s more beneficial than a mini-bar in your own home? Take a cue from Cupcakes and Cashmere, and grab the essentials you need to celebrate.

6. Video Game Storage
Not every man is obsessive compulsive when it comes to cleaning, but we can agree a man’s collection of video games is crucial to his well being. First, you can’t store his old collection in the attic because there’s this whole temperature fiasco, yet you can’t leave it out in a shelf because if dust gets to it, he won’t be able to play Street Fighter ever again, so the best option would be to sell them on eBay (kidding!). The simplest way is to wrap the old games with cellophane and place them in clear storage boxes with lids. If they take up too much room, cover the box with a small tablecloth, and use it as an end table. Brownie points for storing the controllers in a basket!

5. [Insert Favorite Television Show] Marathon (Snacks are optional.)

If both of you are busy bodies, when you get a day off, you just don’t want to do anything, so this is the perfect opportunity to watch overhyped shows or watch reruns. My preference is the I Love Lucy box set. Remember when the Mertzes and Ricardos share a cabin, and their sleep is interrupted by the trains coming by, and Fred sleeps through it all? Now, don’t forget the soda and chips. It’s your cheat day after all.

4. A Trip to View Motorcycles (or cars or cruisers)

You know how girls walk into a Forever 21 touching everything but not buying anything? The same could be said about guys and bikes. While not every bike show is in California, it’s safe to say that the sunny state is the perfect spot for biker enthusiasts. Accompany your man to a bike viewing, like the So-Cal Cycle Swap Meet in Long Beach. There are old bikes, new bikes, a Jay Leno spotting…you name it!

3. Pet Adoption
For those in long-term relationships and no pet allergies, a dog or cat from the shelter not only induces aw-worthy moments, but it shows that you’re responsible and committed without going overboard. You can find a German Shepherd, like Rupert, here at the Baldwin Park Shelter in Southern California:

2. Accompany Her to a Screening of Safe Haven

Yes, I went there. The film’s release date falls on Valentine’s Day. It's a Nicholas Sparks film. It stars Josh Duhamel. Enough said.

1. Plan a Surprise Foodie Run
While it’s romantic to return to the restaurant where you had your first date, there’s just something fun about trying new restaurants around your area. Whoever the surprise is for, blindfold the person and Yelp away. A couple who eats together, stays together!

Have any creative Valentine’s Day gifts ideas? Share them below before doomsday!



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