Top 10 Twitter Reactions to the #SuperBowlBlackout

By Alex Ewald,
Fans take to the Internet to explain Sunday’s Superdome power outage

Sunday’s Super Bowl between the Ravens and the 49ers was probably the funniest-not-funnest game in years, since more viewers took to Twitter to express the real talk than ever before.

Image: Facebook

We had an electrifying halftime show takeover courtesy of Beyoncé and her Destiny's Child bandmates/backup singers, lame Super Bowl commercial breaks and a family affair showdown for the NFL title. But the third-quarter power outage took the cake, knocking out the game for a good half hour and knocked half the Twitterverse onto their phones and laptops.

So, whose fault was it? Buffalo Wild Wings’? Bane’s? Ron Weasley’s?

10. Some Niners fans just really wanted their team to win:

9. Helen Keller made it an #awkwardmoment…

8. Sibling rivalries probably got real:

7. PBS politely offered another option for disappointed Bowl viewers:

6. NBC just can’t handle the synergy—likely Jack Donaghy’s doing:

5. Gingers got (rightfully) blamed:

4. Some brought back up the past. More awkward:

And again:

3. The obligatory Beyoncé name-check:

1. The Illuminati finally revealed themselves to a dazed and confused public:

It took some work.

But it was probably because of a href= http://clin.to/MeEx>this guy:

#poweroutage2013, never forget.



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