Top 10 underground Lady Gaga songs

By Christopher Rosa,

As Mother Monster is recuperating from her hip surgery, fans across the United States are mourning the loss of the Born This Way Ball Tour. However, Lady Gaga has an upcoming album later this year and, once recuperated, will inevitably trek across the world for another tour (and those cancelled dates will most likely be the first ones on the list). Until then, here are 10 underground Lady Gaga songs to get fans through this Gaga drought.

10. “Black Jesus + Amen Fashion” from Born This Way

This Michael Jackson-esque song is on the bonus tracks for Gaga’s third studio album. It has an '80s glam-rock vibe mixed with hard techno sonics and a killer bridge. The climax of the song is when Gaga shrieks in a “Thriller” tone, “Jesus is the new black—OW!”

9. “The Fame” from The Fame

The title track for Gaga’s debut album is the strongest on the record. The pinging guitar sounds mixed with the overall frothy dance beat made for a progressive sound, especially in 2008. “Fame/Doing it for the fame/’Cause we ‘wanna live the life of the rich and famous,” Gaga croons on this track, embracing both inner love and outward glitter.

8. “Dance in the Dark” from The Fame Monster

Many consider this to be Gaga’s best song of all time, and it was never released on the radio. This song opened her Monster Ball Tour, and for good reason. It contains industrial, boisterous, '80s dance and electro-pop elements. It is the perfect complement to “Bad Romance,” which contains a similar hard and metallic vibe. “Baby loves to dance in the dark/’cause when he’s looking she falls apart,” Gaga tragically and beautifully sings.

7. “Heavy Metal Lover” from Born This Way

This song is deranged, synthy and fabulous. Listen closely, because Gaga’s voice is Auto-Tuned out of an inch of its life.

6. “Starstruck” from The Fame

“Groove. Slam. Work it back. Filter that, baby bump that track.” Gaga’s ninth song off The Fame is a stomping, swinging standout that is pure and delicious radio pop.

5. “Fashion"

This song never appeared on an album; however, Gaga recorded it as a demo and it has since leaked onto the Internet. Although Heidi Montag recorded it as well (let’s take a moment to remember and mock Miss Montag’s brief singing career), GaGa’s version remains singularly and incredibly hers. She takes on Eurodisco and a French accent in this fun and flirty pop puffery.

4. “Monster” from The Fame Monster

The song that essentially defined Gaga’s affiliation with "monster" never got the recognition or radio airplay it deserved. “Monster,” track 3 from The Fame Monster, is electro-pop at its core. This track gave fans their humble title “little monsters” in addition to starting an underground revolution. After this song, fans started curling their hands in monster paws at Gaga's shows. It quickly became the symbol of Gaga fandom, but the song to this day is still unknown.

3. “Government Hooker” from Born This Way

One of Gaga's strangest songs to date, “Government Hooker,” is a beeping, bleeping and bombastic track. The song stomps instead of glides and with every punch Gaga titillates with a love/prostitution metaphor. “Put your hands on me John F. Kennedy/I’ll make you squeal baby, as long as you pay me,” Gaga sings. Only her.

2. “So Happy I Could Die” from The Fame Monster

One of The Fame Monster’s softer sides, “So Happy I Could Die,” is a mid-tempo techno jam with heartfelt and eccentric lyrics. On par with Gaga’s Monster album, this song explores a fear of alcohol. With a euphoric chorus and thumping sound, this song is one of Gaga’s most precious hidden gems.

1. “Scheibe” from Born This Way

This German-inspired disco romp is Lady Gaga’s most-hidden jewel. The song many people call the most “ Gaga” song on Born This Way, “Scheibe” is urgent, loud, crazy and nonstop fun. “I don’t speak German, but I can if you like-OW,” Gaga screeches in a faux-German accent. It’s fun. It’s fearless. It’s Gaga.



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