Top 10 Worst Grammys Performances

By Danielle Costa,
With so many amazing performances there has to be a few misses! Here are ten of the weirdest and worst performances of Grammy history!

So, it is that time again: awards season! And with award season comes everyone’s favorite music awards show, the Grammys! With the Grammys comes crazy outfits, great singers, and some great performances. Unfortunately, not all of them are so stellar!

In honor of Sunday's Grammys celebration, here is a list of some of the worst performances in Grammy history! Take a look and see if you agree with the list, or if there are some performances that you would add to make up your own list!

10. Thomas Dolby, Herbie Hancock, Stevie Wonder and Howard Jones - Synthesizer Medley: This performance was in 1985, a bit before my time, but from reviews on the internet and from the video itself, it is clear why this performance was a big miss. The entire thing is kind of a big mess; definitely not expected from such amazing performers! I just think there are too many components and it’s fighting with itself about what it should be!

9. Taylor Swift - "Mean”: Usually, I am totally down for anything T-Swizzle does! Her infectious tunes and her girl next door vibe gives her performances that extra something. However, her performance of “Mean”, was kind of underwhelming. Her outfit was more frumpy than fun and the entire thing seemed like a weird episode of Little House on The Prairie.

8. Bob Dylan and Michael Portnoy - “Love Sick”: While researching for this, I stumbled upon this gem of a performance. Bob Dylan did his best and this isn’t about his performance itself, it’s really about what happens during the performance...a man literally runs onto the stage during Dylan’s set! It is probably one of the weirdest things ever!

7. Shania Twain - "Man, I feel like a Woman”: This was another one that just wasn’t quite hitting the mark! The song is catchy and fun and deserves a performance that showcases it perfectly! Shania usually puts on a great show, and this one just didn’t live up to expectations!

6. Katy Perry- “Part of Me”: Katy Perry is usually the right amount of fun and weird giving her this adorable quirky spark! However, in last year’s performance, she had a lot of people scratching their heads! Was it a science fiction movie? Why was she wearing that? And wouldn’t it have made more sense to sing “E.T.” if she was going to act and dress like that? Questions, we will never have answered my friends!

5. Slash, Bono, Stevie Wonder, Norah Jones, Brian Wilson, Alicia Keys, Scott Weiland, Billie Joe Armstrong, Tim McGraw, and Steven Tyler: All of these amazing music legends got together in the early 2000s to pay tribute to The Beatles. They are all amazing in their own right and the thought of them being together should be phenomenal. However, all of their voices just didn’t flow together. Not that this wasn’t one for the record books, it just wasn’t the best the Grammys has ever had to offer!

4. Eminem-”Lose Yourself”: Overall, this performance wasn’t completely horrible, but it was kind of underwhelming. There was really no energy in the performance and it lacked Eminem’s usual attitude and flair!

3. Outkast - “Hey Ya”:This song is contagious enough, so the bright green costumes that kind of resemble slime you may get when you have a cold, may be pushing it. The entire thing was a little off and this performance is definitely up there with the other “wtf” moments of the Grammys.

2. Milli Vanilli - “Girl You Know It’s True”: Lip syncing. Enough said! If you are at the Grammys, at least make an effort to really show you belong, and that includes actually singing your song! Of course, it was later revealed that they didn't sing their own songs anyway.

1. Nicki Minaj - “Roman Holiday”:I think it’s safe to say that Nicki can push the limits like no one else! Normally, I love anything that Nicki throws out there, but even this was a bit too much for me. She showed up to the Grammys with a guy dressed as the Pope! She may have taken this one...a bit too far!



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