Top Ten 'Colbert Report' Moments/Episodes this season

By Ricky Riley,

For fans of the Colbert Report, this season has offered an informative, sarcastic look into the political and social escapades of the nation’s leading news headlines. Stephen Colbert does what he does best: inform and offend as the Colbert Report rolls on strong. Here are the top ten moments/episodes to look out for.

10. Bang with friends app
Facebook releases a new app that helps users nominate friends they would like to hook up with. Stephen Colbert reminiscences about the good ole days of getting drunk in bars, going home with strangers and waking up with a feeling of shame and regret.

9. Pope resigns
News of Pope Benedict XVI leaving the Papacy has prompted Stephen Colbert to offer a few future careers for the Pope including a greeter job at Wal-Mart. Colbert also adds his two cents about the early papal race with favorite candidates from Canada, Italy, Ghana and America.

8. Jesus Returns
A stoned out Californian hitchhiker returns as the antichrist, Stephen Colbert reports. And Julie Andrews, Dame Commander, has a new children’s book and a horde of men waiting to do her biding.

7. Beyonce Lip-sync Gate
The debate over whether singer Beyonce Knowles lip-synced at the Inauguration this year still rolls on and the Colbert Report asks whether or not debating about it was important at all.

6. Sir Ian McKellen
The honorable Sir Ian McKellen visited the show to promote The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.

5. Ta-nehisi Coates
Senior Editor of The Atlantic, Ta-nehisi Coates, visits the Colbert Report to discuss the Inauguration, First Lady Michelle Obama’s bangs and as the conservation goes on, things get a bit racial.

4. Super Bowl XLVII
Horses, horse meat burgers, 35 minute blackout and Dorito eating goats showcase the zoo that Super Bowl Sunday was. Stephen Colbert celebrates the Ravens win.

3. Non-Racist KKK
A group of White Supremacists in West Virginia only wants to see their race be successful. If only that was the complete truth, Colbert weighs in.

2. Kathryn Bigelow
The release of Zero Dark Thirty has stirred up controversy over torture and Director Kathryn Bigelow worries over her senate hearing. Colbert, of course, has her back.

1. Iran Space Monkey
Iran sends a monkey in space by turning the moon into a banana and letting the poor primate climb its way up.



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