Top Ten Films by Oscar Nominees: Hugh Jackman

By Danielle Fredette,

The Oscars are right around the corner and Les Miserables is more than likely to take home a few awards. This year, Hugh Jackman, who plays the part of Jean Valjean, is nominated for Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role. Let's take a look back at the top ten films of his career.

10. Someone Like You. Jackman plays Eddie in this romantic comedy about a talk show talent scout who gains fame by writing an article accusing men of being cheaters.

9. Kate and Leopold. Jackman plays Leopold opposite Meg Ryan in this romantic comedy which was nominated for an Oscar back in 2002.

8. The Fountain. Jackman stars in this 2006 film which combines elements of sci-fi, fantasy, history, and religion.

7. Australia. Jackman stars with Nicole Kidman in this film set in Australia pre-World War II.

6. X-Men. Jackman plays Wolverine in the original X-Men movie made back in 2000.

5. Happy Feet. Jackman voices the character of Memphis. Who doesn't love a good animated penguin film?

4. The Prestige. Jackman stars alongside Christian Bale in this tale of two magicians, also nominated for two Oscars back in 2007.

3. X2. The sequel to the original X-Men.

2. X-Men: The Last Stand. Seems to be a lot of peoples' favorite X-Men movie.

1. Les Miserables. Earned Jackman multiple nominations this season, including the upcoming Oscar. Brilliant performances by the entire cast.

How would you order the X-Men series?

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