Top Ten Movie Franchises That Should Have Stopped

By Vanessa Frith,

With the release of the fifth Die Hard movie, moviegoers have to wonder if Hollywood’s creativity has dried up in the L.A. heat. Sequels used to be cause for celebration, a chance to see your favorite characters back in action. Now they have become groan inducing and when they reach the fourth, fifth, and even sixth installments, you begin to wonder if the actors as are bored as the viewers.

10. Pirates of the Caribbean

Yes, The Curse of the Black Pearl was a fresh take on pirate films, holding onto the swashbuckling adventure aspects, but adding in the witty one liners of a perpetually drunk Johnny Depp. While Dead Man’s Chest was the highest grossing of the group, it didn’t manage to provide enough quality to make the viewers want to come back for a third installment. And that should have been it, a nice trio of movies to wrap up the plot. But it wasn’t. Even after Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightley bailed out, the franchise pushed forward with On Stanger Tides and sadly continues to film- a fifth installment is due out in 2015.

9. Die Hard

How one New York City detective keeps finding himself tangled up in complicated terrorist plots across the country is beyond me. Then of course, he goes through a series of unbelievable stunts, talks tough, and manages to save the day virtually single-handed. Five times.

8. Saw

While the franchise has a level of psychological horror that keeps people coming back, there’s not a whole lot of plot left to explore. The films try to backtrack and explain some previous events, but all the while move further and further from the story people originally liked.

7. The Fast and the Furious

This franchise began to tank when it decided to name its second installment 2 Fast 2 Furious. We get it; it’s the second movie. After hitting a low with the misfit of the pack, Tokyo Drift, the franchise somehow began to make money again, prompting studios to authorize a sixth chapter in the action series, where apparently more characters will be offered immunity for their crimes if they can just manage to do the cops work for them.

6. Shrek

The magical story of an ogre who becomes accepted for what he is while making fart jokes and amusing witticisms. Great the first time, still funny the second, but there’s no reason to shell out the cash for a third and fourth retelling of the same tale.

5. The Hangover

A brilliant and instant classic the first time, not something you should try to repeat just to increase profit margins.

4. Final Destination

Five movies in which nearly everyone dies from an inescapable death after having unexplainable visions forewarning them of their originally intended death. All together, its 455 minutes of characters fighting a futile battle that will leave you with a fear of random acts of violence by inanimate objects.

3. Transformers

We all enjoy seeing our childhood toys come to life on the big screen, even more so when they are accompanied by copious amounts of Michael Bay’s favorite explosions. While the first three films walked on shaky ground with thin plots and bad acting, they at least tied up one story completely. Unfortunately, in 2014 audiences are going to be treated to yet another round of sentient robots masquerading as cars.

2. Paranormal Activity

2007’s Paranormal Activity scared the pants off anyone who summoned up enough courage to sit in a darkened theatre and watch the found footage style film. However, as you move through the series and learn that demonic hauntings have been a fact of life for this family since childhood, you have to wonder how it is they’re still surprised by a thump in the night.

1. Home Alone

No one can deny the utter hilarity of the original Home Alone. After all, watching two bumbling crooks walk into potentially deadly, rather bloody, and extremely painful looking traps set by the miniature Macaulay Culkin is one of the best ways to spend the Christmas season. Yet there are only so many times the McCallister parents can forget their young son, and once the series decided to move on from Culkin, the franchise would have done better to slip on some marbles and take a tumble down the stairs.



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