Twitter buys TV analytics service Bluefin Labs

By Daniel S Levine,

Twitter confirmed on Wednesday that it has purchased Bluefin Labs, a Massachusetts-based company that tracks conversations people have about television online.

Business Insider first reported on the deal. Bluefin confirmed the news with a blog post.

“While our products have always included data from multiple social media services, the reality is that Twitter is the platform where the overwhelming majority ­– about 95% – of public real-time engagement with TV happens. So we couldn’t be more excited to join Twitter,” founders Michael Fleischman, Deb Roy and Jean-Philippe Maheu wrote, reports TechCrunch.

Twitter can use Blufin to continue to help advertisers and networks understand how people interact with each other about TV shows while they air. The company’s analytics can also help better understand which sponsored tweets Twitter should put in an individual users feeds based on what they write about and who they follow. In that sense, the Bluefin partnership will enhance the December partnership with Nielsen. The Nielsen partnership will yield the new social TV ratings system.

Twitter has become the top platform for people to use if they want to discuss what’s happening on TV in real time. For example, the Super Bowl was mentioned 30.6 million times across social media platforms.



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