Twitter Tuesday 2/5

By Amanda Ramirez,

Twitter has also been one of those places where one could go for a laugh. Tuesdays on Twitter surely don’t disappoint. (Though there seems to be an extreme lack of Taco Tuesday and National Pancake Day tweets. Perhaps food isn’t the only noteworthy thing to tweet about after all.)

-Seth Green and his thoughts on Nathan Fillion’s appearance on David Letterman. Don’t worry, Fillion, Seth Green isn’t sick of you.

-Us, too, Nathan Fillion. Us, too.

-Dane Cook promoting what he says to be a “fake movie.”

-Nina Dobrev and her Quote of the Day.

-Troian Bellisario expresses her appreciation for Lena Dunham’s HBO series Girls.

-Russell Brand and Jimmy Fallon are becoming one, now. In a gay way.

-Thank you Rebel Wilson for being a constant source of hilarity and obligatory ice cream tweets.

-Jesse Tyler Ferguson, admitting he’s a Cougar. (The older lady kind.)

-Ellen DeGeneres and Classic Joke Tuesday

-You could be right, Stephen Colbert. Except, you’re a lot of people’s favorite thing.



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