Vanessa Hudgens talks about 'actual spring breakers' making out while filming 'Spring Breakers'

By Gina DiFalco,

Vanessa Hudgens is opening up about her upcoming movie Spring Breakers, staring Selena Gomez, Ashley Benson and Rachel Korine, saying her boyfriend Austin Butler left the theater “shaking.”

The movie is about the four actresses undergoing a robbery to fund their spring break trip.

"Harmony would literally put us with real spring breakers," Hudgens told Vulture about director Harmony Korine.

She adds "We were filming this party scene, and there were these two girls — actual spring breakers — on the ground, topless, making out with each other. And then the bottoms started to come off, and I was like, OH MY GOD! And, literally, you see it in the movie, I’m wearing this, like, candy necklace, and I’m like, Ahhh, and freaking out because these girls are naked, two feet away from me, and they were just insane.”

The former High School Musical star said her boyfriend, Butler, was “shocked.” He chimed in, “I came out of it shaking.”

The first official trailer for the film came out last month. It’s set to hit theaters March 22.



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