Virginia Beach pizza shop gives discounts to gun owners

By Alexi Knock,

In Virginia Beach, a pizza shop owner is giving a discount to gun owners in order to show that he supports firearm ownership rights.

The 15 percent discount will be given for a limited time to people who bring a gun or permit to Jay Laze’s shop, All Around Pizzas and Deli.

Laze told the Associated Press that although he originally planned to have the discount for a short period, he may make it permanent due to an overwhelming response from media outlets.

The owner added that about 80 percent of customers have brought in guns, including an AK-47, in order to get the discount. Laze said he is a proponent of the right to carry firearms.

Laze told NBC WAVY, “I've always been a supporter of the right to carry. You're either on one side or the other, and it seems like more politicians are against us rather than for us. I want to show them they really aren't representing the people or the constitution they are sworn in under."



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