This Week In Fashion - Five closet essentials that take you from winter to spring

By Meghan Giannotta,

Whether there’s snow on the ground, or flowers blooming, certain pieces of clothing are so essential that they can be used all year round.

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A button down denim shirt is the perfect addition to your wardrobe. From fall through spring, a denim shirt can be paired with many different outfits to complete your look. Wearing it buttoned along with a colored scarf makes the shirt perfect for cold winder days. Leaving the buttons open and pairing it with a bright colored tank top and bodycon skirt makes it a fashion statement for the warmer weather as well.

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Gone are the days of simple blue colored denim jeans. The second closet essential that can carry you through seasons are colored pants. From white to pink to blue, adding that splash of color to your outfit can now be done by throwing on a pair of jeans. While brown, beige, and red are perfect for the fall and winter, switch over to white pink and blue when the weather gets warmer.

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While the legging may seem simple, latest fashion has brought the simple black legging in a whole new direction. Adding patterns, colors, and different textures to the simple legging has made it a fashion basic. These patterned, leather, or knit leggings can be paired with a large sweater and boots for the winter or fall. The same patterned and leather leggings paired with a tee shirt and sandals shows off your spring style as well.

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The scarf has evolved from a basic for warmth to a fashion accessory. While heavier knit scarves are perfect to keep you warm in the winter, they also serve as a part of your outfit. Lighter patterned scarves can be worn in the winter to complete a look, as well as in the spring.

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The last piece of clothing we throw on before heading out for the day, can often be the most important. The moto jacket is making a fashion statement whether it’s leather, cotton, black, or brown. This trendy style jacket is on the lighter side, although throwing on a dark colored leather moto jacket is sure to tie together your winter look. A cotton white or light colored moto jacket is great to throw on during those somewhat chilly days bringing you into spring.

Keeping these five closet basics around through the seasons will help you complete your look regardless of the weather.

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