Were these Super Bowl commercials sexist?

By Alexi Knock,

Several Super Bowl commercials from last night upset thousands of women who reacted on Twitter about the backwards nature of some of the sexier advertisements.

#GoDaddy  on Twitpic

Miss Representation, an international group aimed to promote stronger female roles in the media, told Twitter users to include the hashtag #NotBuyingIt in reaction to sexist Super Bowl commercials.

Last night, the campaign tweeted, “Undisputed "worst offender" of the night was @GoDaddy - receiving 1000s of #NotBuyingIt tweets.”

The Go Daddy ad, featuring “sexy” Bar Rafaeli and a “smart” male character, included a close-up shot of the two locking lips – and tongues.

Thousands of women used the #NotBuyingIt hashtag, including one Twitter user who tweeted, “Successful night of advocacy with @RepresentPledge- if you dehumanized or degrade women to sell products, we're #notbuyingit! Point blank.”

People were also tweeting about Audi’s depiction of a prom in which a boy is praised after kissing his crush without asking.

At the end of the night, Miss Represent tweeted, “#NotBuyingIt doesn't end tonight - it's part of a long-term movement to shift the way media represents gender.”

Photo Courtesy of TwitPic



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