What’s in store for Oscar Pistorius in the days to come

By Lena Finkel,
After being charged with the murder of his girlfriend, what's in store for Olympian Oscar Pistorius

On Thursday, it was announced that “blade runner” and South African Olympic athlete Oscar Pistorius was charged with the murder of girlfriend, model, and women’s rights activist Reeva Steenkamp.

As we previously reported, the runner was charged with the crime after both Steenkamp and a 9mm pistol were found in his home.

Although Pistorius’ original trial was set to be Thursday, his trial was moved to Friday and the runner will stay in jail overnight.

So, what’s in store for Pistorius for the next few days?

South African criminal defense attorney Billy Gundelfinger told E! Online that “The matter would be brought to trial with a limited investigation and they would protect the hearing of the matter because there will be huge public interest in this because he is a celebrity.”

Pistorius’ lawyer Kenny Oldwage reported that the athlete was extremely “emotional but is keeping up.” According to The Associated Press, Oldwage hopes to obtain bail at his preliminary hearing Friday.

Gundelfinger seemed to believe that if granted bail, the amount would be quite extraordinary and that there would be conditions of bail, such as having to surrender his passport and checks.

Despite the world awaiting a verdict, Pistorius’ sponsor Nike has already pulled ads, especially ones with the ironic slogan, “I am the bullet in the chamber,” reported The Inquisitr.



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