What will be happening in 'Pretty Little Liars' Season 3, Episode 20 "Hot Water?" Check it out!

By Kristin Ambrosino,

Want to know what is going to happen in the next episode of Pretty Little Liars Season 3, Episode 20 "Hot Water?" - Check it out below!

10. "A" chopping flowers. At :10 is another creepy "A" scene. What else is new? Wonder what the flowers represent.

9. At :12 we see the girl in red out at night. Who is she? She's so creepy!

8. At :07 we see Emily in what looks like the town costume shop. At :16 it looks like she's on a computer in the shop. Is she hacking the files to find out who bought the Queen of Hearts costume?

7. Hmm, at :12 a man is hit by a car in the woods. Based on his size, hair color, and outfit it could be Detective Wilden.

6. Cop car in the woods - At :06 there's a cop car in the woods. Hanna and her mother are also shown to be on the scene and they look distressed by whatever is going on.

5. Aria reaches out to Spencer letting her know if Spencer doesn't need them they need her.

4. Spoiler: Paige is back!

3. Detective Wilden gets put on the spot by Hanna about his "little boat ride" with CeCe and Alison.

2. Spencer finally tells the girl who is helping Mona. In both scenes in the promo, Spence looks wet. Did "A" trap her in the shower or a steam room? Our guess is that the shower situation inspires her to tell the truth about Toby.

1. Ezra's back! Looks like Aria is going to be meeting his son.



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