'White Collar' Recap: 'The Original'

By Drew Barile,

This episode of White Collar was very intense. The episode "The Original" was filled with speculation about a new boss' motives and the unexpected return of James. That was all apart of the over-arching plot of White Collar. At the core, the episode was about Peter and Neal arresting an art forger.

The new boss Amanda Callaway (played by Emily Procter) was suspicious from the beginning. Her character was also terrible and Procter's acting makes the character appear lackluster. It was clear from the start that Amanda was introduced as eye candy. This episode was very suspenseful and exciting though, except when Amanda came into a scene. In any event, Amanda is a crony of Senator Pratt.

Mozzie was watching the Empire State Building to get an idea of the atmosphere and to find the box. Meanwhile, back at the FBI office, Callaway introduced herself to Neal and to Peter. After the meeting, Neal told Peter he doubts Callaway and suspected she was working with Senator Pratt. Peter argued that she may just be a highly motivated, over achieving person, but admitted that Neal could be right.

Neal and Peter, while on a forgery case, visited an art gallery. Neal examined a piece allegedly made by master sculpture DuBois. The woman who purchased the sculpture did not believe it was a fake. Neal couldn't clearly explain to the woman's why he claimed it was a fake. He began telling the woman that he he just knew.

Neal's father, James, called Neal. He told Neal that he wanted to come back to the city. He is stir crazy. He also expressed his frustration with Peter's involvement in the box mystery. Neal and Peter then go to Bellmiere's studio. Bellimiere was DuBois apprentice. Neal and Peter suspect that DuBois' work is being forged by the former apprentice.They were right. Neal and Peter release that Bellmiere is going to sell three more pieces, though it might not happen for a while. In order to flush him out, Neal decided to make a forgery before the other forger could complete his. As he makes a forgery from marble in his apartment, James showed up.

In a meeting, Callaway rebuked Peter for the money he authorized for the marble. He explained to her that Neal's forgery will drive down the price of the other forger and make him open up to Neal. She then changed the conversation's focus. She changed it to Senator Pratt. She told Peter, the case is closed, and she closed it. Neal told Peter once again that Galloway is on Senator Pratts team. But Peter still believes that she just is trying to make a name for herself in her new position.

Back at the gallery Bellmiere rushes in to protest the authenticity of the piece while Neal's piece is getting authenticated. Bellmiere confronts Neal and the two reveal to one another they are forgers. The two then make a meeting to work together.To help ensure this Bellmiere, Neal and Peter decide to use a high-tech, pricey scanner to scan the sculptures for a special note inside that proves who created it.

Callaway, though suspicious, tagged along on the mission. Neal told Peter the device should be use to find the mystery box in the Empire State Building. Peter refused and Neal promised he wouldn't but he lied. Before the mission, Peter wanted to take Neal's ankle bracelet off. Callaway refused. However Neal blocked Callaway ID from viewing his bracelet. During the mission Neal put a sound recording of chiseling next to his mic that fed into the surveillance van. So he could met up with James and Mozzie to use the high-tech device to search for the box.

Neal's plan had Mozzie inject ink into his shoe to leave footprints on marble floor that was above the room where the box might be. The manager showing Mozzie the space angrily called for a floor cleaner. Neal and James put the scanner into the floor buffer. James distracted the cleaner as Neal put the divide into the floor buffer, which was in the back of a truck. However, it didn't work well the buffer disrupted and damaged the device. Therefore, they only scanned 90 percent of the floor.

As Neal returned to studio of Bellmiere planning to use the scanner on the sculptures. Callaway realized something was not right and tried to view Neal's location via the bracelet program. She could not access it because of Neal's block. She commanded Peter to use his ID, he purposely bought Neal time by entering his ID wrong and then accurately the second time. Neal is safely back at that point and is using the device to scan the sculptures.

The readings are inconclusive. The device was too damaged from the floor buffer. Peter told Neal via text to abort the mission, but Neal didn't. Neal provoked Bellmiere. Bellmiere is driven to anger by Neal. In the struggle they knocked over a statue. Neal is pinned down by Bellmiere whom with a rock hammer is trying to kill Neal. The team entered the building and saved Neal. The broken sculpture was a fake because it contains a scroll with Bellmiere's real name on it. Bellmiere was then arrested. Neal apologizes and told Bellmiere he was better than DuBois.

Neal told his father at the apartment that they may have found the mystery box. James insisted that ought to get it immediately. However, Neal refused, and they would not move without Peter. Neal told James that Peter had been more of a father to him than James had been. James upset and mad began to leave the apartment. Neal shouts to him, and softly, sadly explained that, he never had original work because he's don't know who he is. You can't be an artist without knowing oneself he said.

Callaway met with Peter to debrief about the case. After Peter left some woman came in and gave Callaway the recovered images from the device. The images show components that apparently are only used in one building in the world, the Empire State Building. After that woman left Callaway called Senator Pratt's office and told him the Neal and Peter have found what he wants,

Next week is the season finale, "In the Wind."



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