Whitney Houston to be remembered at Grammys

By Lindsay Barton,

Clive Davis knows how to throw a good pre-Grammy party, but this year will be different.

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Last year’s event stood out to him because it occurred hours after the death of Whitney Houston. Her body was discovered in the Beverly Hilton, the same place where Davis was holding his party. Davis could have canceled his party, but decided the show must go on, since that’s what Whitney would have wanted.

The one-year anniversary of her death is fast approaching and Davis is reflecting on the loss of one of his most beloved friends.

"Obviously, [it was a] devastating shock. The news was unthinkable and is still shattering to believe that this fresh talent that I discovered when she was 19, and worked with her on every album [had died]," Davis said. "People don't talk about how music was in her soul; she loved it and was so aware of music and records. So the memory of that, of course, is with me. But Whitney loved this party; she wasn't going to perform, she came every year because she just loved that night."

Davis’s party this year is scheduled for Saturday. He said the party will be a celebration of the Grammys, but with a special focus on Whitney, according to MTV News.

Davis told Billboard that this Saturday will be bittersweet. He’s been with Whitney’s music all year as executive producer of RCA’s I Will Always Love You: The Best of Whitney Houston and the CBS tribute special.

“I’m really very much keeping, from my point of view, the flame alive; her legacy alive,” he said.

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