Why people are calling the blizzard Nemo: Blame The Weather Channel

By Daniel S Levine,

The National Weather Service does not name blizzards like the one that hammered the Northeast overnight and is still dumping snow in New England. Still, most people online are referring to it as Nemo - all thanks to The Weather Channel.

The name Nemo, which reminds most people of Pixar’s Oscar-winning film Finding Nemo instead of the character in 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea, is currently trending on Twitter and even news outlets are calling the storm by that name.

The Los Angeles Times notes that even the New York Mayor’s Office used the name in a tweet to citizens.

But it’s not official, as Gawker points out. It’s all part of a TWC plan to make it easier for them to refer to winter storms they consider “significant.” None of the names are recognized by the National Weather Service.

Other names the network have lined up for future storms include “Q” (Star Trek fans will love that one), “Rocky,” “Triton” and “Xerxes.” Lord of the Rings fans already missed the storm they called “Gandalf.”

The move has been criticized by some in the meteorological community. Gawker notes that Digital Meteorologist's Nate Johnson called it a “nuclear bomb of marketing” and noted that TWC just assumes that the rest of the weather community will follow along.

As for the NWS itself, it sent a statement to The Verge that read, “The National Weather Service does not name winter storms because a winter storm's impact can vary from one location to another, and storms can weaken and redevelop, making it difficult to define where one ends and another begins.”



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