Widow, 91, plans to sell all her possessions to bury husband

By Alexi Knock,

Elsie Smith, 91, of Arlington, Washington is planning to sell all of her possessions so that she can bury her husband in a family cemetery.

Smith, who was married to her late husband Joe for 46 years, said she will hold an estate sale so that her husband can be buried in the Snohomish, Washington cemetery.

The 91-year-old widow told KOMO News, “I loved that man more than anything in this whole wide world.”

Joe had been suffering with Alzheimer’s for two years before he died on Tuesday at age 88.

The woman has $9 to her name and needs $3,000 for the burial.

According to ABC News, Smith will be selling everything in her apartment.

Smith told KOMO News, “I love the things I have here, but if I can't have them, I can't have them.” The widow added that she does not want to give up her belongings, but she is committed to having her husband buried in the same cemetery she hopes to one day join him in.

So far, no one has offered to pay for the burial.



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