Will Michael Middleton get a royal title?

By Briana Luca,
When the royal baby is born, grandfather Michael Middleton might be bestowed with a royal title

Will commoner and father to the Duchess of Cambridge be bestowed a royal title after his daughter gives birth to the heir to the British throne?

Not so fast.

Despite rumors, Michael Middleton will not yet receive a royal title when he becomes the grandfather to the future King or Queen of the UK, according to E! Online.

It is a possibility but no steps have been taken to give Middleton a royal title, officials have said to E!.

“No steps have been taken to honour, nor do I have any information in relation to the prospect of conferring a title upon the father of the Duchess of Cambridge,” Ian Denyer, the Deputy Clerk of the Crown explained.

The original reports came from The Daily Mail, saying that for over 1,000 years, the grandfather of the heir has never been without a title.

The Queen will be the one who decides such a manner; if Michael Middleton does get a title it won’t be something of high standard like a Lord or Duke but something smaller such as an Earl.

This gives the world another reason to wait and see what happens when the Royal Baby is born.



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