World Press Photo Award winners for 2012 show the glory of the Olympics to the horrors of war

By Daniel S Levine,

The World Press Photo award winners for 2012 were announced. Each photo highlights the defining moments of 2012, from glory at the London Summer Olympics to the horrors of war in the Middle East.

The organization picked Swedish photographer Paul Hansen’s image of Palestinians carrying the bodies of two young boys who were killed by an Israeli air strike. Their father was killed as well. In the image, their father’s brothers are carrying the bodies to be buried. It was taken on Nov. 20.

According to The Daily Mail, the prize is one of the most prestigious in photojournalism. The organization hands out awards in nine categories. A total of 52 photographers of 32 different nationalities won prizes.

“The strength of the pictures lies in the way it contrasts the anger and sorrow of the adults with the innocence of the children,' jury member Mayu Mohanna said of Hansen’s photo. “It's a picture I will not forget.”

One photo showed one of the world’s most well-known activist, Chinese artist Ai Weiwei. Stefen Chow’s portrait of Ai won second prize in Staged Portraits.

A few photos of events at the Olympics took home prizes, including Australian photographer Chris McGrath’s striking overhead image of Andrea Baldini of Italy celebrating his gold medal win in Men's Foil Team Fencing.

Associated Press photographers won eight awards. Bernat Armangue of Spain won for a Nov. 18 photo of smoke rising in Gaza after an Israeli airstrike.

You can check out all the winners at WolrdPrssPhotos.org.



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