'X Factor's' Fifth Harmony creating debut pop album

By Sarah McClanahan,

Second runner-ups on X-Factor, the all-girl group Fifth Harmony is currently in the studio recording songs for their first album.

Lauren Juaregui, Dinah Jane Hansen, Normani Hamilton, Camila Cabello, and Ally Brooke have come a long way. Starting as five separate artists vying for the X Factor win, they were later combined in the boot camp stage instead of being sent home because the judges saw amazing chemistry both when they performed on-stage and interacted off-stage. Throughout the early stages of the competition, their group identity transformed from LYLAS to 1432, but they finally settled on the name Fifth Harmony.

Although their X Factor experience has ended, their mentor Simon Cowell has continued to support Fifth Harmony. They are gearing up for their first record with a few weeks of appearances and interviews after reuniting for the first time since the show on February 12.

“There is such a market now for this girl band, I believe. I think where there’s boy bands, there’ll be girl bands. We may have someone who can fit that gap,” Cowell commented, reports Hollywood Life.

According to MTV News, their album, to be released through L.A. Reid’s Epic Records, will be produced by Julian Brunetta, who has also worked with One Direction and Leona Lewis.

“Hopefully it will be the opposite side of the coin, the female side of the coin from the 1D boys,” said Brunetta of the girl group.

As for the vibe of the album, Brunetta is seeking feel-good, upbeat songs you can blast when you’re getting ready to go out.

Fifth Harmony’s Ally Brooke stated, “I think we’re definitely going into the pop lane” and the other girls contributed that they would like to add a touch of R&B as well.

“We hope to give them a booty pop madness album,” joked Dinah Jane Hansen.

Citing comparisons to groups like Little Mix and The Saturdays, Brunetta wants Fifth Harmony to have a sound that’s all their own to reflect each of its members' individual personalities.

While they are extremely grateful for the help they are receiving, according to The Hollywood Reporter, the girls want to be sure their input is heard as they help with the creative process, including writing their own songs.

“At the end of the day, it’s our album,” concluded Camila Cabello. “We want to do it soon for the fans, but if you rush it too much, then it might not be as fun.”



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