Yankees Derek Jeter expects to play on Opening Day

By Steven Mitchell,

Yankees shortstop, Derek Jeter, is on schedule and plans to play on Opening Day.

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MLB.com reports that Jeter expects to be in the lineup come April 1 against division rival Boston Red Sox in Yankee Stadium. The soon to be 39 year old shortstop had his left ankle repaired during the off season.

"I broke my ankle in October. It's been quite some time," Jeter said. "I'm right where I'm supposed to be. Up until this point, the ankle has healed perfectly. Now, it's just a matter of getting everything else in shape.”

He is already on the treadmill with a running program and plans to take that program to the field in the upcoming days.

This off season was very tough both mentally and physically for the future Hall of Famer, reports The New York Daily News. Rest and rehab is what the Yankees Captain doesn’t like or is used to.

"I was stuck on the couch for a good five or six weeks where I really couldn't move around too much," Jeter said. "From the point I had the injury I had to wait a week for the surgery and then the next three or four weeks I'm just basically sitting there with my leg elevated."

Jeter had plates and screws inserted into his ankle during surgery and says that they will probably remain there permanently.

Questions of the shortstops age was also asked during his spring press conference on Sunday. He knows his age and knows that he can still produce.

"I don't think about age when I'm playing. I really don't. I think if you get caught up talking about how old you're getting, those are negative thoughts,” Jeter said. “I just try to focus on getting ready to play and doing the best I can."

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