10 Hot Guys Taylor Swift Should Date

By Samantha Townsend,

Taylor Swift. She’s famous for dating boys, breaking up with them, and then writing songs about their relationship. The “22” singer has dated men from One Direction’s Harry Styles to John Mayer to Jake Gyllenhaal. At 23 years old, the singer-songwriter is a seven-time Grammy Award winner and has sold over 20 million albums. With success like that, it is no wonder that the singer has had trouble finding The One. So, we have saved Taylor Swift some trouble and created a list of 10 hot guys that Taylor Swift should date.

10. Ed Sheeran
Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift’s most recently rumored boyfriend, is a 22 year-old singer-songwriter from England. The two have spent a lot of time together lately. They have been collaborating on music and Ed will be opening up for T. Swift on her Red tour. However, Ed Sheeran has cleared up speculations that the two are dating, commenting on rumors that the two spent the night together in a London hotel, Ed stated, "I did stay there 'til four and I did leave in the same clothes, but I was playing her my new record. It was strictly that kind of thing, literally, I went in there and we passed the guitar back and forth and played songs to each other."

9. Robbie Amell
Robbie Amell is a 24-year old Canadian actor. Robbie can be seen on NBC’s 1600 Penn or ABC’s Revenge. Even though Robbie Amell isn’t as well known as the other studs on the list, we believe Taylor Swift could probably benefit from dating someone who isn’t as busy and can keep up with her hectic schedule. While Robbie is currently dating an Italian actress, we have a feeling that if Taylor showed Robbie some interest, he’d be single that same day.

canadian cutie robbie amell is 23 today. #happybirthday  on Twitpic
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8. Ryan Sheckler
Ryan Sheckler, the 23-year-old professional skateboarder, is number eight on our list. Ryan Sheckler has been competitively skateboarding since 2002 and has won countless championships since. Ryan’s talents and bad boy attitude gained attention from MTV producers, which eventually landed Ryan his own show called Life of Ryan. Taylor Swift has never dated an athlete and we’re sure Ryan’s athletic side would easily attract Taylor. However, at Ryan’s 5’7 and Taylor’s 5’11 height, the two might look awkward together on the red carpet.

7. Joseph Gordon-Levitt
At 32 years old, the Lincoln actor is the oldest hottie on our list. Though he is 9 older than Taylor Swift, the age difference shouldn’t be a problem as Taylor previously dated Jake Gyllenhaal, who is the same age as Joseph. Maybe Taylor should ditch dating the younger boys and date a real man like Joseph Gordon-Levitt. He is kind, mature, sophisticated, smart, and exactly the man Taylor needs. While this relationship will probably never happen, we can only beg for someone to PLEASE hook these two up!

6. Prince Harry
Who would be a better man to fulfill Taylor Swift’s childhood dream of meeting her own Prince Charming and becoming a princess better than Prince Harry of Wales?! Harry, 28, is famous for his dating rap sheet just like Taylor. So, why don’t the two put aside all of their past relationships and start a relationship of their own. After all, Prince Harry will be visiting the US in May. Maybe the singer and Prince’s paths will cross during the visit and go on a date. We can only hope.

5. Ryan Lochte
Ryan Lochte is a 28 year old, eleven-time winning Olympic swimmer. Ryan first gained our attention when he swam in the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens. Ryan also swam in the 2008 and 2012 Summer Olympics and continued to earn worldwide recognition. Now, Ryan has become a pop culture icon and even will have his own reality show on the E! Network called “What Would Ryan Lochte Do?” Ryan might be a little too busy, with his social life and training for the Olympics, for a Taylor Swift relationship, but would they be a beautiful couple or what?!

4. Sam Claflin
Sam Claflin is a 26-year-old actor from England. He can be seen in Snow White & the Huntsman and will star in the second movie of The Hunger Games trilogy, called The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. While Sam is still relatively unknown, Sam’s success will only rise with the release of Catching Fire. We believe Taylor needs someone like Sam: still humble and not fame-hogging. As a top selling music superstar and the star of a global movie phenomena, imagine all the jaws that would drop if these two beautiful people dated.

3. Max George
Max George, one of the five front men from the band The Wanted, has made headlines recently with a rumored relationship with Lindsay Lohan. While Max, 24, admitted to kissing Lindsay, he denies a relationship with Lindsay. Instead, we’re hoping Max has his eyes on Taylor Swift. Both Max and Taylor know what it is like to be global superstar, so we hope their commonalities will maybe spring into a “Maylor” relationship.

2. Chace Crawford
Chace Crawford, 27, is most famous for his role of Nate Archibald on the series Gossip Girl. It is no secret that Chace Crawford is drop-dead gorgeous and he has even dated equally gorgeous women including Carrie Underwood and Erin Andrews. However, we think the actor and Taylor Swift would hit it off great and could turn into the next IT couple. While there is no telling if this match would ever actually happen, we can’t help but notice how hot the couple would be together.

1. Zac Efron
Zac Efron, 25, like Taylor, knows exactly what it is like to build a relationship under watchful eye. Zac and his High School Musical costar, Vanessa Hudgens, dated for five years before ending their relationship in 2010. Now that the relationship is done, it leaves room for Taylor to make her way into Zac’s heart. Lucky for us, Taylor and Zac co-starred in The Lorax together and have formed a great friendship. While the two have denied a relationship past friendship, the gorgeous blue-eyed pair have great chemistry and it is SO obvious in the clip below from The Ellen Show.

Recently Zac’s career has slowed down a bit, and we can’t help but to state the clear: it gives plenty of time for him to begin dating Taylor Swift. So, at the completion of our list, we can only BEG over and over again that someone PLEASE set these two up on a romantic date because they would be one hot couple!

This concludes our list of 10 guys that Taylor Swift should date. So tell us, who do you think Taylor Swift should date next? Do you agree with our list or did we leave someone out? Comment below and let us know!



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