10 reasons I don’t have a reason to hate Anne Hathaway

By Alex Ewald,
(And why it doesn’t make sense for the ‘Les Mis’ actress to get all this shade.)

To be clear, I’m going be annoyingly honest — I do not understand America's recent annoyance with (or sheer hatred for) actress Anne Hathaway, whose teeth are just too big and speeches just too fake. Or so I've heard.

Apparently not a lot of other media get it either, aside from such websites as Gawker and BuzzFeed.

Anne Hathaway: “It came true…”

This Anne-oyance is scientifically verified, apparently. According to Salon, our hate has something to do with how the A-list actress’ narrow face subconsciously reminds us of the 2008 economy, when times were bad and we could handle movie actresses with narrower faces.

Hathaway’s peak of fame apparently hit in 2008 when she split from her imprisoned boyfriend and before she hosted the 2011 Oscars with James Franco, according to the story. So when things weren’t going great for her or for anyone else (aside from an Oscar nod).

“When times are good we prefer actresses with rounder faces,” says Pettijohn, who studies actress' preference. “They convey these ideas of fun and youth.”

That’s like obsessing over Hillary Clinton and her hairstyle or criticizing Gov. Chris Christie about his weight as both lead up to possible White House candidacies.

The consensus appears Hathaway is that try-hard theater nerd from high school. A commenter on another Gawker article posted, “Anne Hathaway is just THAT GIRL in school that annoyed you because she tried too hard... a la Tracy Flick in the movie Election.” Because we all stay in high school, I guess.

“She always seems like she’s performing, and her favorite act is this overstated humility and graciousness,” one blogger says in Brian Moyland’s Hollywood.com article.

“What is so wrong with being a theater kid?” Moylan asks. There have been a ton of amateur critics who say the Devil Wears Prada star doesn't sound 'genuine' in her speeches — or that she has a single genuine bone in her body.

You know, I do say the same thing about Taylor Swift, but I don’t tweet about it all the time. Also, who doesn’t rehearse for acceptance speeches or interviews or media appearances? That’s what “rehearsing” is. Some of us just aren’t as good at pretending to be genuine than others.

And it's OK to be irrationally annoyed with someone, really. I'm annoyed with people all the time, and it's completely natural. But Hathaway’s legion of “Hathahaters” tweeted 20,000 times a minute during her Globes speech, and a Google search of “Anne Hathaway hate” returned about 33,200,000 results. That’s harsh stuff.

And this girl?:

And I don’t get this girl’s mother:

Because these people are just irrationally annoying to us, people take to safe forums like Twitter for communal hate-bonding. It's the kind of under-the-skin, wringing-the-hands, rolling-the-eyes annoying.

“It does get to me,” the former Disney ingenue told Us Weekly. “But you have to remember in life that there's a positive to every negative and a negative to every positive.”

According to Perez Hilton, the Oscar winner practiced her acceptance speech over and over so people wouldn’t be mean.

But, every time she gives a speech, that’s probably just ammunition for the Hathahaters. Just look at all the tweets that spewed when she won Best Supporting Actress, according to the Huff Post.

She does have her defenders: Girls star Lena Dunham tweeted in defense of Hathaway following the Oscars, as did Anderson Cooper on his talk show.

It sounds as irrational as how everyone loves Britney Spears. I don’t get that either. Seriously guys and/or gays, what is it?

I’m just really not aware of the world right now, I guess.

Anyway, a top 10 of why there isn’t as much cause to hate on Hollywood homegirl Hathaway so much. Even if you don't like her, that's fine, just keep these points in mind:

1. She’s gorgeous and hilarious.
I mean, Hathaway wore a bad dress to the Oscars. But it’s not like she showed up on the red carpet in an egg or in a dress made of floral drapes or something.

And didn't Julia Roberts get all the good attention for having a huge mouth and/or laugh in her ’90s heyday? To each beautiful woman's smile his own.

She also appeared as a fashion plate in The Devil Wears Prada, remember?

Anne really does go through a lot of makeovers…

She hosted SNL and impersonated Claire Danes on Homeland (with surprising accuracy.)

2. She has the same name as Shakespeare’s wife.
OK, I’m a Bard nerd, so that’s actually pretty cool and weird for me, personally...

3. She killed it in Les Mis.
Let’s be real: She dreamed that dream hard as Fantine.

4. She says “blergh” on stage accepting awards.
Didst thou quoteth 30 Rock, thy Lady Anne? (Sorry, I'll leave the Shakespeare thing alone, promise.) I mean, I think that’s funny because I get the reference. And if Jennifer Lawrence did it, we would love her even more than we already do.

5. She sizzled as a really sexy Catwoman in The Dark Knight Rises.
Almost as good as Michelle Pfeiffer’s Selina Kyle.

What a woman.

6. She didn’t treat her Batman fitness regimen like that big a deal because she’s a woman.
Notice how she shuts down the Extra interviewer’s questions around the middle-mark:

7. She also played a princess way back in 2001 when she debuted in Disney's The Princess Diaries.
Her plucky Mia Thermopolis shined in that movie and its all right sequel. She’s so much better than Mandy Moore (even though she did play a pretty cool Disney princess, too).

8. She also has serious indie cred.
(Read: “Talented and can act.”)

First nominated in 2009 for Best Actress for Rachel Getting Married, Hathaway showed her acting chops in mature roles as displayed previously in Brokeback Mountain and Havoc. (Seth MacFarlane was singing about those movies, by the way).

She gave an incredible performance from this scene alone as recovering addict Kym who visits from rehab for her sister’s wedding:

9. She was forced to stand on stage with James Franco in 2011 for what seemed like 20 years.

It was that one Academy Awards that we don’t like to talk about. Even though Anne gave it her best effort while Franco just kind of stood there. Who knows what was going on.

Their monologue was really uncomfortable.

But before that, she was a natural with Hugh Jackman at the 2009 Academy Awards.

10. She stands up for worthwhile causes such as gay rights.

Hathaway, whose brother, Mike, is gay, has long been a champion of LGBT rights. But she would just rather say she’s doing the right thing.

“In my household, being gay was, and is, no big deal,” she said. “When my brother came out, we hugged him, said we loved him, and that was that.”

Last October, Hathaway donated to charities such as Freedom to Mary the money paid for her September wedding photographs, according to the Advocate.

Here she is accepting an award at the Human Rights Council L.A. dinner in 2008. Hear what lovely words she has to say:

“I’m not being brave, I’m being a decent human being. And I don’t think I should receive an award for that or for merely stating what I believe to be true: That love is a human experience, not a political statement.” -Anne Hathaway

So keep up the good work, Anne, because those kinds of things matter more than how much your face annoys me or half of America. And keep on smiling and saying weird things.

Photo Courtesy of Kevin Winter/WireImage.



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