'1600 Penn' Recap: 'Live from the Lincoln Bedroom'

By Drew Barile,

This episode of 1600 Penn involved Skip starting a Podcast, Marigold's schooling, and Marshall's constant damage control of the Gilchrists. During Skip's Podcast he learned that that letters from his father were truly Marshall's words. Becca and Emily went toe-to-toe over who should be guide Marigold and her education. President Gilchrist has to some how confront a emotional jaded Skip. All while poor Marshall scurried from PR problem to PR problem trying to create resolution.

The episode began with Marshall at a press conference, as he was stepping down a reporter asked him about Skip's podcast. Marshall dumbfounded ask for clarification, and immediately pretended he knew about it. He stepped down from the podium and rushed over to Skip - only to find him doing his podcast saying things without thought. Skip promised he would discontinue his podcast if Marshall agreed to be on the show. Marshall agreed.

Marshall and Skip started talking about Marshall's life an early career, when he worked for Gilchrest as an intern when he was a Congressman. One of Marshall's jobs was to write letters for the Congressman while he was doing other business. This same year Marshall began working for Gilchrest, Skip was starting at summer camp. Skip recalls how much he hated it, but then he received a special letter from his father, saying how proud he was of Skip. Skip then connected the dots as it were, and gathered that Marshall had written letter on behalf of his father for him. Skip became enraged and distraught.

The episode then transitioned to Emily at a parent-teacher conference with Marigolds teacher. Becca of course rushed in uninvited and interfered, deciding this was her role to dictate Marigold's academic future. Becca and Emily both attempted to talk to Marigold. Emily confronted Marigold who didn't want to take algebra honors, but rather photography. Emily supported her and was fine with that choice. Becca on the other hand tried to bride Marigold with the prospect of money and celebrities. It was unsuccessful. Ultimately the issue resolved itself as Marigold released she read the schedule wrong, and she is able to take both photography and algebra honors. Becca and Emily were bickering over who won with Marigold, when Marshall intervened and explained they both lost because they acted like children.

President Gilchrist decided to sit down with Skip on his Podcast to resolve Skip's anger and disappointment. Skip confronted his father aggressively on the podcast, but his father explained that he was proud of Skip he just wasn't the type to profess it all the time. He then pulled a letter from Skip to him out of his coat pocket. He showed Skip the letter and said he was proud of Skip because despite the hardship and obstacle he encountered at camp he didn't' give up, ever.



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