'19 Kids and Counting' stars, the Duggar family, is getting even bigger

By Alexi Knock,

The Duggars, the family of TLC’s 19 Kids and Counting will be expecting their third grandchild.

According to NBC, Josh Duggar, 26, the family’s eldest son, is expecting his third baby with his wife Anna, 25.

Josh is the son of Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar of Arkansas, who have 19 children total. Josh and Anna shared the news on NBC’s Today Show.

Anna told the show, “We’re expecting. Surprise!”

Anna and Josh were surrounded by the entire Duggar family while making the announcement. The baby is due on June 7. Anna and Josh have a 3-year-old daughter Mackynzie and a 1-year-old son Michael James.

Josh and his 18 siblings all have “J” names, but he and his wife said they may keep everyone guessing on the name of their child until the summer.

Many people took to Twitter when they heard that the Duggars had an announcement to make on the morning show.

One user tweeted, “The Duggars are on the Today show again..... IF THAT LADY HAS ONE MORE BABY I GONNA SCREAM!!!”

Michelle and Jim Bob were on the Today Show in February to discuss Michelle’s miscarriage with what would have been their 20th child.



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